Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP, FAMIA

Clinical Informatics Consultant

Medical APIs
updated November 22, 2022


"Viewpoint Search and REST Web Service for the Vaccine Code Set"
CDC's Vaccine Code Set Management Service (VCSMS) has launched two more ways to access CDC's Vaccine Code Set information: a search and browse capability via the Viewpoint website and a new Runtime REST web service. The new Viewpoint website provides dynamic browse and search capabilities against the entire Vaccine Code Set. The new Runtime REST web service provides improved access to Vaccine Code Set data by providing a way for development teams and other users to request specific data elements from the Code Set.

"NLM APIs for Drug Information"
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are available to users to retrieve data from several drug information sources, including RxNorm, MED-RT and RxTerms. The APIs are also available as part of RxNav-in-a-Box, which provides users with a locally-installable version of RxNav, RxClass, and the APIs. The API resources can also be used interactively or in batch mode with RxMix.

"LOINC Terminology Service using FHIR"
Access LOINC's terminology content through the HL7 FHIR API. You can access current LOINC content programmatically. Our server uses the terminology services defined by HL7's FHIR standard. FHIR version: R4; LOINC version: 2.73; Additional versions available via explicit request: 2.69, 2.70, 2.71, 2.72

"MedlinePlus Connect: Web Service"
MedlinePlus Connect is a free service of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This service allows health organizations and health IT providers to link patient portals and electronic health record (EHR) systems to MedlinePlus, an authoritative up-to-date health information resource for patients, families, and health care providers.

"NLM DailyMed Application Development Support: Web Services"
Currently, DailyMed offers the web service RESTful API for accessing current Structured Product Labeling (SPL) information. It is implemented using HTTP and can be thought of as a collection of resources, specified as URIs accessing current SPL information. A list of other useful web services is also available.

"Welcome to CEDAR (CEPI Evidence Discovery And Retrieval)"
CEDAR is a standards-based API that supports search, access, and use of PCOR and other research findings across multiple repositories and programs within AHRQ CEPI.