Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP, FAMIA

Clinical Informatics Consultant

Web Site Development - From 1995
updated June 29, 2023

The mid-1990s were heady times, world-wide-web-wise. The NCSA Mosaic browser was developed in 1993 and really burst onto the scene in 1994. By February 1995 PC Magazine was already publishing reviews of multiple browsers available for users. It was time to jump on the WWW bandwagon and figure out how to develop web sites.

Fortunately, creating a simple web page using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) was pretty straightforward, and internet service providers (ISPs) were appearing, offering accounts where files could be transferred and "placed on the web".

My first account was with a provider called POWER.NET, owned by DHM Information Management, Inc. For a mere $28 a month I could get "5MB of WWW space". The account was activated March 26, 1995, and within a day I began placing the following pages online.... :)

Twenty-eight years later I still maintain several web sites (with a different ISP!), including this site and The Carl B. Kern Fund. I consider them graphically-poor but content rich(!), and it's fun (at least for me) to look back on how these efforts began.

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